How do we define a project?

A project is any piece of work which has a defined timescale and a specific aim.  In short if you have something that needs doing we can

deliver it for you. This could be anything from answering the phone during holiday cover, to building a new website, to organising an event. 

What is our process?


Step 1: Requirements 

First we will meet with you to understand your requirements, timescales, aimed for outcomes and governance requirements. 


Step 2: Solution Design 

We will work together to design solutions to meet those requirements, costs and ensure within those, that we take into account any limitations that may exist and compliance with any regulations such as the GDPR or you may have sector specific governance requirements.  From this we will create your project requirements documentation.  

Within the solution design we will also work out how we are going to ensure engagement of any team members with the changes planned.  Resistance to change is always a huge risk to projects and engaging organisation owners and any team members from the outset and working with them, rather than working separate from them on the outside of your organisation - though it can sometimes slow the process in the early stages - is usually the best way forward in the long run.  Change is really about people and you, any staff you may have and your customers all need to be excited about your changes to maximise their effectiveness.

Step 3: Sign Off

Once you are happy with the identified way forward and have signed off your project then we will get to work.



If your project is short, it will be delivered in one stage, larger projects may have multiple stages which would be identified at the outset. At the end of each stage we will provide an end of stage report to ensure that you remain in control of your works and are happy with delivery of your requirements.


Communication and engagement is key to successful projects, and works both ways, changes in your organisation could affect the work that we are doing for you, and the works we're doing will likely affect how you work.  We will work out a communication plan with you to ensure we all have the information we need to maximise the success of your project.​


Control remains with you. We will provide you with complete transparency of the works we are doing so you have everything you need to remain in control of your project and make informed decisions about solutions and sign off.  Our job is to support and take the pressure off at times of change to deliver to your requirements.  We will never tell you what to do, we will provide options and relevant information you need to choose what is right for you and your business.