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The Beginning

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Why did I want to start The Project Organiser?

For small and medium business, both staff and time resource is always thin on the ground. Ironically the knowledge and expertise required to run a business in the modern world has increased exponentially. Governance, Data Protection, IT, Social Media, these things can drown your brilliant idea before it has taken off or stifle your growth. The necessary and often amazing tools which safeguard and strengthen your business in the long run, are frequently in the implementation, frustrating projects which can leave you tearing your hair out and your staff resistant to change, overworked and exhausted.

Whatever the requirements our aim is to remove your headaches and make the implementation of these projects a positive, fun, exciting step forward for your business.

Whether just clearing waste out of old process or implementing new, the aim of The Project Organiser is to reduce stress, increase efficiency and support positive change.

What is a Project?

So the question then is what can we do? What is a project? The definition of a project is a temporary enterprise that exists to achieve a specific aim. It may be either for an individual or a collaborative effort which brings together a team of people with different specialisms to accomplish the identified outcomes. A project may be short and completed in one stage or broken down into multiple stages dependent upon it's size.

In short a project can be to achieve any objective so long as the piece of work has a defined timescale and specific aim.

You identify your needs, and we will work with you to deliver them.

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