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Time for a change?

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Change can accomplish many things, improve efficiency, increase customer engagement, speed delivery times, improve staff morale, reduce waste - if done well.

The wrong change will add waste to process, drive resistance in staff, upset customers and make you feel like you're swimming through treacle. So how to identify the right changes and start the approach.

Getting your process and systems right is important - but positive change starts and ends with people.

Many Managers often choose to do their planning without involving their staff believing their input will extend or complicate the process. Taking a positive and inclusive approach, engaging your team in the project early, may add a little more time to the planning, but incorporating them and taking their knowledge and ideas into account can build enthusiasm for the change and add a perspective you haven't considered making the likelihood of success far greater.

Identification of change and forcing that change through without taking that inclusive approach can lead to resistance. Resistance doesn't just drive low morale in your team, it can threaten your changes as team members, not brought in, slowly revert to the 'old way' because it's easier.

Engagement isn't enough

Once everyone is positive and excited about the change, and planning is in progress, don't forget the roll out at the other end, the Information sharing, the guidance, the training and support, the collection of feedback and being flexible enough to tweak your change if it's not quite right.

These will embed your changes effectively and ensure you and your team are all on the same page.

People, people, people - everything else is just effective planning!

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