The projects we undertake are wide ranging and size really doesn't matter. From short term admin cover or retaining admin support for a day or two a month, to the organisation of an event, a website design and launch, a 6 months solution design or even longer, there is no limit. Common support requirements are around compliance such as the GDPR, and assistance with IT issues such as websites, financial processes and data management. 
Small and medium businesses are often buried under the sometimes weighty necessities of modern business, and with limited staff resource and time they can become a real problem for everyone involved. We will make those headaches disappear, working collaboratively with your team to:
  • assess and map your requirements and specifications
  • provide simple, efficient, cost effective solutions
  • ensure those solutions are compliant, collaborative and competitive
  • provide you and your team with the necessary tools to maximise your success.
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Call handling, diary and email management, document production, data entry and much more, freelance admin support that meets your needs on an ad hoc basis, is often a more cost effective solution for your business than the employment of expensive full time staff.

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Data, such a your shop or organisations customer mailing list, is the life blood of business.  The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), introduced in May of 2018, causes many business owners great concern.  It is not as terrifying as it seems.  We can provide support around implementation and review of your GDPR and will ensure all services we deliver are GDPR compliant.

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Process mapping is about efficiency, looking at old processes and clearing anything you don't need.  With our focus being on simple clean process, process mapping is key to our services.  Ensuring we understand end to end process allows us to identify waste or duplication in systems and streamline working practices.

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We can provide guidance for the best way forward in many areas, from IT to governance requirements, HR to comms.  Flexible and knowledgeable we can support you and your team toward an efficient and bright future.

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For SMEs we recommend website platforms rather than bespoke build sites.  These platforms allow day to day management to be controlled in house reducing cost, increasing flexibility and streamlining administration.  We can create the initial design and build for your new site, for a fraction of the cost and time of a bespoke site and supply the support and training required for your team to take it forward on their own.

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We define a project as any piece of work which has a defined timescale and a specific aim.  In short if you have something that needs doing we can deliver it for you.

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The organisation of your business events is, as a general rule, outside of 'business as usual'.  These types of additional responsibilities can often put enormous stress on already stretched staff.  We can provide whatever level of support required to your team to ensure your event is a success, whilst supporting the well-being of your staff.



Where necessary we source the best photographers, artists and designers to support you, ensuring your projects have a professional edge over your competitors.

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Change Management is all about people.  It is about making certain, within your planning and implementation, that you and your team are all engaged with the process to ensure the lasting benefits of your changes are achieved.  Change management is at the heart of everything we do.

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Within small and medium businesses staff regularly have multiple responsibilities - which can be enormously rewarding and make the work far more interesting - but occasionally can get on top of you.  The Project Organiser can step in to take the pressure off and provide some extra support to catch you up when there are just too many projects on the go and it gets too much.