The Project Organiser was founded in spring of 2019 by Director Polly Elworthy, with a view to employing her 25 years of project management experience to support small and medium businesses to achieve their goals.  In todays world of compliance, data, IT and media, businesses require an enormous variety of skills to achieve success.  There were many small and medium business owners she met with exciting business ideas but maybe not the skills or indeed the interest to complete what some have been known to call 'the boring bits'


Working through mounds of paperwork, setting up or mapping new process or systems, working through the maze that is compliance, organisation of events or periods of growth, these necessary evils within modern business can be a nightmare to navigate and the stress it can put on on business owners, managers and staff is immense.

The Project Organiser focus is on common sense and getting the job done quickly and efficiently, delivering effective, streamlined and simple solutions which take the pressure off business owners and ensure that their exciting ideas do not get lost or worse, strangled by paperwork.  Just as importantly we aim to assist them to safeguard their own and their teams well-being by allowing them to continue business as usual, whilst we deliver to their specifications on projects, easing workloads which stretch teams over and above a normal working day.

Whatever your requirements, our aim is to remove your headaches and focus on getting the work done ensuring you have everything you need so you can concentrate your efforts in the right place, succeeding in a competitive marketplace.

We will ensure your project delivers to requirements and your staff have everything they need to move forward efficiently upon completion.  To discover more about our services click here.
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